Terms and Conditions

Terms and condition for Matrimonial User / Members, You conciously accept the Terms and Conditions as set out herein below, In addition when you use or visit any current or future Muslimsaathi com services or any business affiliated with MuslimSaathi com.

  1. Our web site i.e. www.muslimsaathi.com  is not a dating site.


  1. We provide exclusive only matrimonial services through this website Online, Offline and nothing other.


  1. Our web site only and purely working and giving service to Muslim community people only.


  1. Request to applicant please fill-up and share correct, true   and accurate information in the site. If any false, Wrong, Illegal, Immoral, Incorrect or discrepancy shall result in immediate termination or collapse of the membership concerning member without prior notice.


  1. Eligibility – a) Indian Nationality and origin, b) Person should be major if female -18 years completed and Male -21 years completed as per Indian Act. 


  1. Mode of Payment- a) By Cash/Cheque /Net banking/Debit/Credit Card/UPI and Etc.


  1. Refund and Assignment-   a) Non-Refundable b) Non- Transferable in any circumtances.


  1. Renewal- We automatically renew all membership before the expiry of the term of the paid membership.


  1. Jurisdiction- a) The Laws of India shall be applicable.

                                  b) All or any legal proceeding may be brought in Court of Pune.


  1. Termination- a) If our site receives any complaint against member and consequently we have deleted profile in good faith, we shall not be liable to member in any manner whatsoever, including for any loss, costs, expense or consequences if any.

b) If member committed any fraudulent /Unlawful activity through the use of our web site.


  1.  Members shall be follow the rules and regulation Muslim Wakf Board, Muslim Personal laws and other laws.


  1. Before and After marriage is dispute arises between parties our website and person not responsible at any cost.


13.Membership Fee

Member will be charged membership fees stated at the time of purchase. As soon as MuslimSaathi. Com receives full payment; your paid membership will become active. The term of each subscription shall continue in effect for First Plan from the date of full payment. To keep membership active for second (2nd) Plan  onward  the  subscription / maintenance fee should be paid.


Additional Details about the pack

  • The pack would provide other paid member benefits like unlimited personalized messages, chat, paid member tagging, better visibility of profile etc. Every month, user would be able to view Minimum 05 or More verified phone numbers. The pack would provide the above-mentioned benefits every year for which the customer pays annual subscription / maintenance fee. If annual subscription / maintenance is not paid, the pack would be discontinued.
  • If a user wants to buy assisted membership while being a Till-U-Marry℠ pack paid user, they will have to pay the full amount for the assisted membership pack. A Till-U-Marry℠ pack user who buys assisted membership will enjoy benefits of both the packs, according to their respective validities. The membership of pack is not transferrable in any circumstances. Basic profile details such as Mobile No, DOB, Gender, Community etc. cannot be changed once entered.
  1. Confidentiality: MuslimSaathi  Com will maintain confidential, all personal information [other than that meant for posting or transmission] furnished by members and shall take all possible and /or bonafide steps for maintaining the confidentiality. However, MuslimSaathi Com may divulge such information if required by law. It is unconditionally agreed, understood and acknowledged by you that the information and/or data that may be submitted by you shall be preserved and retained by MuslimSaathi Com for all time to come as permissible under law, notwithstanding cessation, termination or discontinuation of the membership


14. Privacy of Membership: Your Membership is only for personal use. It is not to be assigned, transferred or licensed so as to be used by any other person/entity, without the express written consent of MuslimSaathi Com.


15. Declaration by members- Whatever facts, information and contents stated herein above   is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. If anything is found to be false or incorrect I am liable for prosecution and subsequent punishment   of Indian Penal Code. Hence I signed herein under.  

Notice: We may change this Terms and Conditions from time to time as a result of change of policy in MuslimSaathi Com.